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tdir_readathon's Journal

The Dark Is Rising Readathon
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We are going to reread (and read for the first time!) The Dark Is Rising sequence. We will read the books on a schedule, and then we will talk about them and how awesome they are and all the little cool bits we noticed and loved, and the things that didn’t sit quite right, and everything.

You know, booktalk.

You are welcome to join us, but please do not barge in and start talking about The Dark Is Rising: The Crappy Movie. This is a movie-free zone. (Maybe when the movie comes out, we’ll have a discussion post dedicated to it, but until then, no.) If you break this rule, I will ban you without warning.

Some Guidlines

Here's how it's going to work. I'll post a central post for each book at the start of the reading period for that book. There will definitly be spoilers for that book and the preceding books only in that post. If you'd like to bring something else up in another post, go for it!

However, if you're posting about The Dark Is Rising during the The Dark Is Rising reading weeks, please keep all spoilers underneath a cut (and indicate that they are spoilers.) If you want to specify that your post contains spoilers up until Chapter X, that would be really helpful. Once we've moved into Over Sea, Under Stone territory, The Dark Is Rising spoilers are fair game.

To clarify: once the two week reading period for a particular book is complete, it will be safe to assume that everyone here has read that book, so it will be open range for spoilers for that book and all preceding books.

Please try and make any new posts discussion oriented, so we can keep the booktalk going.

Okay, I think that's it with rules and regulations. Does that all make sense? Sound good? If anything is unclear, just ask!

Readathon Details

We will be starting the Readathon on October 7, 2007, with The Dark Is Rising. We will be reading one book every two weeks, at the following schedule:

October 7: The Dark Is Rising
October 21: Over Sea, Under Stone
November 4: Greenwitch
November 18: The Grey King
December 2: Silver On The Tree

Watch this space for more details!